No More Excuses-- How to Break Out of the Excuse Mentality

Excuses, excuses... how many of us make one excuse after another to justify bad choices as we watch our health continue to decline? It's time to break out of the excuse mentality and go for results.

Who Is the Excuse for?

Why do we even make excuses about why we're not taking care of our bodies? Our blood sugar doesn't care that we were too tired, or too busy, or that we had a craving for pizza.

You may think the excuse makes you feel better, but does it really? Are you really going to feel better when you get the results of your next check-up or when your health problems slow you down in life?

Taking Responsibility is Taking Control

When we use excuses to convince ourselves and others that we're helpless against the odds, we're giving up control of our lives. If you want to take control of your life, and your disease, you need to take responsibility for what gets done.

How to Take Responsibility

The first way to start taking responsibility is to prioritize. Priority means the thing that is most important-- and there is nothing more important than your health. Make a list of those priorities with your health care practices on top of the list.

Once you have your priorities in order, stick to it. Plan ahead to prevent things from getting in the way of you achieving your health goals or taking care of yourself. Make tough choices, putting lower priorities aside. When you fail to put your health needs first, don't beat yourself up over it-- examine the situation to see what went wrong so you can consider the changes you can make to avoid it happening again.

Reject Excuses

When you find excuses formulating on your lips, tell yourself you reject that excuse, then quickly give yourself another option you might have had. Train your brain to not think as a victim, but as someone with the power to take control of your own life.

Every excuse you make is just you creating another stumbling block to good health. It doesn’t have to be that way—the choice is yours.

Photo: Spiritual River